Welcome to the SIGNAL Bundle Project!

Current release is available at this Google Drive link. Seeding support is no longer reliably available for the first release from TPB, so for now the Google Drive link will be better to use until v0.0.2 is released (soon!). 

SIGNAL stands for “Searchable Information Guide, Now Accessible Locally!”, and is aiming to be a curated but customizable package of open-source, public domain, and creative commons information & software. At the moment, its customization (and search) abilities are quite sparse and rudimentary, so you’ll get whatever is in the package and be able to grow it, but you’ll need some basic computer skills. If you don’t want any part of the bundle, just delete it out!

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to have a better chance at hearing about future releases and various updates & news about the bundle. I could do an email update shindig, but mailing lists don’t let you go backwards in time to see the news you might’ve missed before you subscribed, while social media does. If you’d like email updates about the bundle, please contact me and I’ll try!

Who is the SIGNAL Bundle for?

  • A human who isn’t in range of accessible/affordable internet (e.g. developing countries, rural towns, traveling backpackers, campers, etc…)
  • A human who might not have direct access to the internet at some point in their future
  • A human who wants to look up what an okapi animal, the octothorpe symbol, a loaf of aspic, or anything else is, but they ran out of data on their throttled internet connection
  • A human who would like to preserve data of their choosing and share it with others easily
  • A human who wants to provide an educational resource to other humans without worrying about paying fees, a certain allotment of licenses, or anything else that gets in the way of information being shared freely
  • A human who wants to have a copy of useful information and/or software in one centralized location that only requires a computer to be plugged into electricity, no other infrastructure required
  • A human who wants to learn more about the world, but does not want their thirst for information to be recorded and sold by their Internet Service Provider
  • A human who wants a library that cannot burn… Traditionally, conquerors of civilizations would burn away their conquest’s collected knowledge to make the assimilation, compliance, and manipulation of those people easier. By distributing copies all over the world, this library just got a lot more difficult to destroy.

Currently, this project is very much in its formative stages and is by no means at a stage of full-time development or user-support, since I’m still a student. Please be patient, although if you’d like to help, please contact me! However, I will definitely need the help of as many people as possible willing to help out in any (as small or as large) way(s) as possible. I’m trying to collect together NUMEROUS pre-existing projects, and want to democratically represent people’s interests in those projects. This methodology has yet to be decided upon, but I’d like this to be a collection that’s representative of people’s interests and what they find useful.

Or at least that’s the current running idea. We’ll see how things turn out.

If you like this project, please consider donating money (or time!) to help make sure it stays afloat during its baby steps! Currently, I’m going to use Flattr and Bitcoin, with more added if someone has alternate payment methods that are more preferable (anyone who sends money via [still alive] carrier pigeon will receive a one-of-a-kind t-shirt and handwritten thank you card).

You can view my Flattr page at the following address: https://flattr.com/profile/signalbundle

Donate to this project:
Bitcoin: 19ofR547TBxYsYhc7LiboQyQU8oKPHxHWb

Ethereum: 0xe4912c87f680fa1AA759579e6F87259B499097ae

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