Do you like the SIGNAL Bundle and are perhaps wondering about similar projects or what inspired the project in the first place?

Below is a list of various projects that I’ve found in my internet surfing that are similar in their methods, goals, and/or motivations. I’ve either gained inspiration from the following projects/people, or even incorporated some of their ideas into the SIGNAL Bundle, so I just want to give them a little shout out.


Here are the amazing open source projects that made The SIGNAL Bundle possible:

Wikimedia Foundation and their world-spanning astoundingly-large collection of knowledge has helped me innumerable times throughout my life. I want to pass on that joy and benefit of discovering information to others. Thank you to every single person who has ever contributed to any of the projects by the Wikimedia Foundation (the foundation itself, Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikiversity, WikiVoyage, Vikidia, and countless others)!

– University of Colorado’s PhET Project for giving people the tools to engage in more trial and error without NEARLY as much resource cost

Kiwix and their wonderful cross-platform utility that lets people access wikis, regardless of platform

Mozilla Foundation who has been an inspiration for open source projects the world over and produces one of the best browsers in the world!

OpenDisc was a project I came across in my research phase, and in some ways, my project is a combination of Kiwix and OpenDisc. I am sad that they no longer maintain updates of their releases, but The SIGNAL Bundle would like to give a respectful nod to the dead project by including them in our first release.

Marcin Jakubowski & the Open Source Ecology crew, who got me hooked many years ago when I saw a video for the “Global Village Construction Set” that encouraged me to start also considering more off-the-grid solutions to enjoy the benefit of modern luxuries. Nowadays, Open Source Ecology is working on amazing open source designs for not only useful modular machines, but also now structural designs, complete modular rooms for a house and a totally awesome aquaponic greenhouse, along with many other great ideas!

Dave Hakkens & the Precious Plastic crew, who opened not only my mind, but also a classmates’ mind to the fact that a plastic recycling facility can exist inside anybody’s home, garage, shed, etc. I want as many people across the world to have their own plastic recycling machines accessible to them, to where if people are going to burn trash, at least they’ll have less to burn, and instead have more plastic tools to maybe even make their own homes!

LibreOffice for continuing the true open source fork and providing one of the most necessary set of tools to people across the world! They exist as an inspiring challenger to a status quo and have given so many people the resources of organizing knowledge that should be available to anyone.

GCompris for making resources for children to learn things. Every child should have access to ideas that productively challenge them. Sometimes, the teacher is unable to provide that challenge, and in that case, GCompris has the chance to step in and help.

7zip (Igor Pavlov), & derivatives are distillations of YEARS worth of work, all to get 1010 to equal 11 so that information can spread faster, without being held up by boring limitations on how fast an idea can travel.

DIA is a way for people more suited to spatial organization can arrange thoughts, ideas, and plans, in a way that works best for them. Mind-maps and diagrams sound boring until you use them and suddenly feel more productive! DIA made that tool accessible for all!’ dev team for making the best version of wget for Windows that I had yet to come across in my research. GnuWin32 felt far clunkier and not as new. They did a great job and the Download-A-Website.bat utility wouldn’t have existed if it weren’t for their work.

PDFLite peeps… I don’t know much about you, to be honest, but you guys seem really awesome and worth including in the project, so thanks for doin’ watchu do! ❤

Scribus for giving people the tools to efficiently manifest their ideas in a physical way – through printed media. The digital world is wonderful, but the printed world exists even when the electrons fade.


Similar projects that I’ve discovered after first release:

  • CD3WD – A now dead project by the late Alex Weir, who I apparently had quite similar goals to. I’m sorry we never had a chance to meet. (thanks to the first person who contacted me through this website, Brian, for letting me know about this project by telling me about FAST Online, a [somewhat defunct] mirror of the CD3WD project)