What’s the haps?

First, let’s take a step back

I have always loved open source projects.

I grew up exploring the Internet, and open source programs were a way to delve into the world of computing without the restrictive costs of purchasing software to gain access to such forgiving (or something unforgiving) tools. They could be downloaded “instantly” (dial-up had a brief period of feeling “instant” and don’t you forget it!), sometimes I’d be in over my head, and sometimes I’d be in an environment to mess up, start over, mess up, learn, start over, (ad infinitum). This trial-and-error process in a forgiving context – like a computer – was an amazing boon to learning for a teenager. I’d like to see that same opportunity given to others. Like early humans teaching each other how to make tools out of stone or metal, open source is an age-old way that humans teach each other how to make tools, in this case out of electrons, or build structures both physical and of knowledge, small and compact or vast and connected.

I believe that information should be free, and the tools that humanity creates should be in as many hands as possible. Ultimately, this project’s goal, currently (at least, who knows what tomorrow brings?), is to try and get this knowledge and these tools to reach whomever it might be able to benefit, by bundling it all into one easily copied package (or many small ones…?). Additionally, I’d like to include resources for people to continue adding to their bundle so that they don’t have to wait up for me or the project to gather knowledge that they find useful.

It is with great humility that I admit my shortcomings in being able to produce as comprehensive of a project as I’d like right out of the starting gate. However, I’m fairly convinced that working in the open source community requires humility. All open source projects are based on putting something out there, and then when someone else comes along and changes your design, perhaps even a major part of it, then the correct course of action is not to get angry and let your ego get in the way, but to thank them for their contribution. Although you might not see the value in their contribution, they do, and therefore other people might see that value, as well. Because of this attempt at humility, I’d rather just put this idea out into the ether of the internet, and hope that anyone finds value in it, perhaps even taking an interest in helping with the development of it.

I’ve been receiving a fair bit of support for this project so far, and I thank those who have encouraged me and even volunteered to help for it (we’ll see how much time everyone has to contribute after the ball gets rolling). Once I either get satisfied with a semi-worthy deliverable and/or get spurred to release something even more haphazardly than it’s going to initially be, I’ll begin to delegate help. I’d sure love some help, but I’m just not quite sure what direction(s) this project is going in/needs to expand to, just yet. With that in mind, I’d like to clarify that I’m open to ANYONE willing to help (e.g. programmers, social media peeps, bloggers, bundle testers, legal assistance, help with paying my rent, etc…) I’m figuring out and dealing with day to day life (school, work, social life, family, “adulting”, etc…) just like anybody, so I can’t devote a full-time job’s worth of time to this project (…yet?).


For now, let’s just see where things go and react accordingly.